Galileo Reservation System

Trawex Technogies ( provides Global Reservation System services for the travel industry through its online reservation system, leading-edge products and innovative, Internet-based solutions. The Galileo Reservation System is a value-added aggregator of travel inventory, dedicated to supporting its customers and, through them, expanding choices for travelers worldwide. Integrating with global distribution systems will provide a lot of benefits like easy connectivity, instant updates, best pricing, etc. With this option, you can have your business centralized and consistent. Import flight tickets from Amadeus or Galileo thus creates new reservations.

It is owned by Travelport, an international company headquartered in New York. Travel portal development in travel-based services and has a gross annual income of more than 2 billion dollars. In addition to dealing with flight reservation system, the Galileo Reservation System can also handle car rentals, room bookings, train reservations on Europe’s major lines and booking cruises for American travelers. The online reservation system that is used by Galileo and other companies is classified as a global distribution system, or GDS, business.

Travelport is predominantly a global distribution system (GDS) business, which operates in 174 countries and includes the internationally recognized Worldspan™ and Galileo™ GDS platforms.

We are one of the largest global providers of travel products in the world. Their Global Distribution System is structured to reduce costs and maintain excellent working relationships with their clients and travel suppliers.  The Galileo desktop can be customized by any travel agent to follow each agency’s unique business plan and format. This travel management system also offers the e-Agent portal, which allows agent access to additional services such as vacation packages, foreign currency exchange services and sightseeing tour operators. We provide distribution services globally for the travel companies with an advanced airline reservation system, state-of-the-art travel products and solutions based on the internet for simplicity and compatibility.

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