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Trawex Technologies are the inventors of the most needed Travel software for the Travel and Tour companies. We offer a user friendly software oriented Tour Management Software Application that allows a tour operator to efficiently manage complete tour cycle from inquiry to travel process. Financial accounting and balance sheet with Multi Company, currency and language integrated with different points of sales. Our gathered information base of Travel inventory, distribution, unique ability to strategies, design and implement end to end solutions, and global delivery standards are ensuring the successful execution of our solutions.

With the Cloud for Travel and Expense, you can manage your business travel, from planning to expense refund. Prepared for the way you travel, our choice lets you travel more elegant, invest better, get refunded quicker – all while staying in agreement with corporate guidelines and offering on your business objectives. In addition to the systems for tour providers, we have also been building IT solutions and software for travel agencies since the initializing of our business activities. We would like to help you hit the ground running so you can get the most out of our state-of-the-art travel technology and travel management solutions as fast as feasible. Based on all of our global and local knowledge, we provide maximum travel consulting and assist to help you implement our business travel solutions in the most efficient way possible.

Trawex is a suite of software solutions that allows travel & hospitality organizations to come to be a fully-fledged Online Travel firm. It’s a business level, completely customizable solution that provides high-end software infrastructure for companies to control IT for their business development.  We also handle long-standing project partnerships with key players in the firm. We therefore have the deep knowledge and needed skills to implement or optimize the IT landscape of tourism companies of all sizes, whether they are domestically active or globally. You are able to depend on us to work closely with you and your online travel agents through the implementation process to guarantee your business goals are fulfilled. We’ll make sure you gain a deep knowledge of our online travel technology solutions in order to improve their value. Our application development team is constantly working to improve the product and modify it to ensure our clients have a business solution that is the peak of the line and future proof.


  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase income
  • Low cost

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UK: +44 70 3192 6740

India: +91 77 600 34 80

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