Online Booking Software

Trawex technologies, is a leading online booking software and travel technology company, develops online travel booking engine for the customers across the globe. Internet-based applications can enable greater collaborations across the Internet for your clients, vendors and all of your company’s partners. From Trawex multi-staff, multi-service, small and mid-sized businesses, we have a booking system to fit your and your customers’ needs. Online booking software  is entirely customisable and scales to grow with your business. It is the most flexible online scheduling solution existing.

We provide complete technology and internet marketing solutions for travel companies, online booking travel agents, tour operators, leading hotels, distribution / nodal companies that help our clients to succeed in a rapidly changing atmosphere. Our travel booking engine is a framework based web application with comprehensive B2B, B2C and Admin modules defined on three tier architecture. At Trawex we turn such dreams into reality. Our team constantly thinks from your perspective, putting themselves in your shoes and developing applications that matter to you. Our smart interfaces work at breakneck speed, thereby allowing you to get much done in less time.

Online shopping, social networking and mobile applications all need to appeal web interfaces and we are happy to have designed the face of some very popular sites. We have designed and delivered many websites. They belong to all genres – Static, Dynamic, Interactive and User friendly.  We may suggest that our websites are one of the most desired and accessed ones in the relevant Target groups. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service boost up the websites on search engines. Creation and information content laid out easily  to navigate pages make it interactive and informative. We have an experienced team of PHP and .net developers. You share your requirement with us, and our experienced team starts working on designing Customized software for you. Here we seek regular feedback from you at every stage of development, and present the most satisfactory output to you.

It is a most powerful travel solution platform that allows users to interact through web applications. Travel Portal is a comprehensive and powerful interactive web based online booking engine, designed for Travel Industry especially for travel and tourism agency. You can develop reservation software for all the aspects of B2B & B2C travel portal and travel API integration for air booking, hotel booking, travel packages, bus booking and insurance. Travel API enables you to offer a number of travel related functionality for clients. Travel portal development services help you to improve client capability and help them to achieve their goals. The portal assists travelers to make reservations online for Hotels, Airline tickets, Rental Cars and Safaris.

The key benefits

  • SMS Alerts
  • Real time/Period tracking
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Easy to load
  • Call Centre Interface
  • CRM Integration

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