Reservation Systems

The reservation system is basically derived from the global distribution system, also known as computer reservation systems. The online reservation system has its database centrally located which is accessed through an Application Programming Interface .

         Advantages of Reservation System:

  • Advance Information System and messaging
  • Global Distribution System
  • Online Payment and Booking
  • Can access any time
  • Fast and Easy Booking process

The traveler can book a ticket at a click of a mouse saving the time and money for the traveler. It has also become a hassle free transaction for both the airline and the traveler. The online reservation system involves three main actors the database, online operator and a database scheduler. Whether flight bookings are made as part of a package booking or simply flight only, bookings can be reported on immediately. Sales reports and Operational reports such as flight lists are readily available therefore increasing efficiency.

The sudden growth of freely available global distribution systems for reservations has generated a remarkable shift in the commercial airlines, hotels and travel industries, with millions of people making travel arrangements on the internet.Having it all in one place streamlines book keeping on one hand, and substantially increases your distribution network capabilities.

Trawex Architecture provides a powerful booking engine with multiple connections. Therefore, you can integrate transport, flights, accommodations, car rentals and all other services flexibly from a number of suppliers.The modern airline reservation system also serves customer needs from the beginning to the end of each customer’s reserved flight, therefore laying out management tasks for each flight.

Airline reservation systems are used to track and maintain records of flight schedules, passenger reservations and seat assignments, aircraft loading, flight inventory, ticket purchases and fare tariffs It provide the customize feature like definable drop-down fields to manage and track special reservation issues. It provides the user-friendly interface for editing any reservation product, price or items.

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