Travel Technology

Trawex Technologies is a global travel website expert providing travel technology solutions to improve business performance for its customers. Travel Technology Solutions offer solutions using our skilled human and technological abilities, verified techniques and trademarked, service to provide the best maintained services and satisfaction offering in the travel industry. Customer expectations are modifying the travel and hospitality industry. Today’s visitors count on customized services long before they board the plane or arrive at the hotels. Your achievements may rest not just on offering a better on-location knowledge, but also choosing new methods to communicate with customers before, during, and even after they travel. The proper application of the system is critical to your travel plan’s efficiency and effectiveness. We have a detailed profile of global travel management tools and solutions. But we are concentrated above all in identifying which methods make good sense for your plan and easily implementing and encouraging them across your markets.

Our Travel Technology Solutions offers cost effective satisfaction solutions. The satisfaction service is a complete solution which helps both self-service and full service package. Travel Technology Solutions’ fulfillment services provide call in help and personalized service needed for ticketing and file completing. Our excellent Control and condition services save time and resources while making sure of travel policy submission and accuracy resulting in cost benefits. We value that there is no global ‘one-size-fits-all’ in travel technology. That’s why we can choose, modify and create trademarked products to encourage you with the leading solutions in your location.

Trawex Technologies are fully committed to providing development and business quality across the whole range of the travel and hospitality website. The company provides incorporated Application Development and Maintenance‚ Contact Center, Back Office Services and Solution Frameworks in the travel business globally. You offer the online booking tool and let us provide the technology and team to service your customers. We use the ‘best-in-class’ travel technology presented at your location to shift your travel ability into a better gear. Trawex Technologies hold both sophisticated and growing technologies to provide the best local options for our customers around the world. Trawex Technologies is the next generation of travel e-commerce solution for Tour, Travel and Hospitality’s online company.

Travel Technology Solutions allow business people to concentrate on increasing their business by offering applications that:

  • AUTOMATE – improving service state
  • SIMPLIFY – changing complex processes in user-friendly work flows
  • OPTIMIZE – delivering cost effectiveness to the business

To know more about our products and services, visit our website:

Please feel free to contact us:

US: +1 845 7045 584

UK: +44 70 3192 6740

India: +91 77 600 34 800

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