Online Reservation Software

Online Reservation Software is our latest project which is a complete travel booking package wide-ranging of all booking engines, payment gateways, and vacation packages all together in a single system.  We are very highly experienced in developing fully well-designed and effectual Tours and Travels Websites for Tour operators, travel agents and travel, management companies. Trawex is an unbelievable custom made, high performance and user-friendly online booking engine that will transmit online travel sales accomplishment for your travel agency.

We develop complete travel agency software, having several modules including flight booking engine, hotel reservation engine, car booking engine and more. The Online reservation system is mainly used by the travel agencies so that they can merge all these features under a single roof so that the customers can make their booking more easily and competently. The travel software is personalized to meet the day to day requirements of travel agencies and end to end clients. Starting from the beginning search, availability, response, selection payment & booking confirmation, everything can be managed through the web.

We offer travel technology solutions with the ability to take online bookings, payment gateways, and customer management, and more. This helps to increase the value and enhance the productivity and income. Some of the key features of this system are given below.

One of the key features is our payment gateway solution. We offer a number of payment gateway solutions which will enable to process payments for selected services. We have really pooled a number of firms such as PayPal, However our development team is frequently in your service, in case you’d like to integrate your chosen processing provider to work with your travel reservation engine.

Travel portal development is another key feature of our online booking software. We have been providing travel software solutions to the travel rigid since its beginning. We provide online ticket booking for travel agencies that empowers companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website to travel companies. Online flight reservation has frequently been the biggest bookable section in the travel sector which is a strong component of our travel portal system. Car booking engine software is fit for all types of clients, from smaller travel agents in large-scale travel business also we can merge this feature along with our hotel management system. These are some of the key features of our portal system which made our company as the leading travel portal development company in Bangalore.

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